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(The Communicator)

Card of Communications

This card means a strong desire for knowledge. It is an excellent card that may signify extraordinary talent, original thinking, or a new beginning. It may indicate financial gain or recognition. Traditionally, this card means a message, which usually comes in the form of a letter, phone call, email, fax, or text message.

(The Talker)

Card of Conversation

This card means conversation and communications. It is a time to establish lines of communication with starting a new project, business enterprise, or discussing a relationship, that may cause impatience, irritability, and confrontation. Care is needed to avert disappointment and to avoid opposition.

(The Fighter)

Card of Creativity

The card of mental creativity, but can be the card of worry, indecision, and mental stress. The card brings energy into those who write, teach, or perform in the arts. Traditionally, this card can represent fighting.

(The Balancer)

Card of Mental Stability

The card represents mental satisfaction and stability. The stability gives to restlessness, impulsiveness, creativity, and passion. Adventure may results from being restless and impulsive. There may also be an underlying fear of commitment.

(The Renovator)

Card of Renovating

This card may signal a need for change in your life. Dissatisfaction with the current way of living is occurring, and there is a need to change it. Envy and jealousy may occur during this period of time. Time to make new plans, take up a hobby, or be active in sports.

(The Prophet)

Card of Intuition

When this card appears, your intuition will be stronger than ever. A time for happy meetings. A business partnership may form. Higher education may be sought or currently ongoing. Improvements in friendship, romance, or career prospects are on the horizon.

(The Prisoner)

Card of Confinement

This card can represent a warning of danger or a feeling of confinement. Arguments or oppositions of plans may occur. There may be a romantic interference by another or feeling trapped in a relationship. Be careful of trouble from the opposite sex. Gambling may become an issue.

(The Fixed Mind)

Card of Confusion

The card can represent being stubborn or opinionated. A state of confusion may be present or a crossroad may exist. Problems in relationships or partnerships may occur when this card appears. The love of money and success may turn into jealousy and greed. It's time to take a break.

(The Achiever)

Card of Contentment

This card signals a time when ideas, ways of thinking or communicating, or personal plans are ready to end. The card literally means a completion of plans or of ideas. It represents progress is being made towards a goal. This could mean a new job with new responsibilities, more money, or a relocation to a new town or city.

(The Traveler)

Card of Traveling

This card represents traveling. This travel may involve an airplane trip, vacation, visiting family or friends, or attending a wedding. This is also a card of happiness and good fortune. When this card appears, it is a good omen of new beginnings.

(The Champion)

Card of Trust

The card represents a faithful friend or an honest and respectable person. They have your best interest at heart. They are helpful, supportive, and a thoughtful person.

(The Charmer)

Card of Charisma

The card represents a woman with much authority and power. She is sociable, outgoing, friendly, charming, graceful, and elegant. She may become moody or lonely at times. She may represent a wife, girlfriend, sister, or close personal friend.

(The Leader)

Card of Virtue

This card represents a highly intuitive man who will not do anything to compromise integrity or inner truth. He may represents a very good friend, a lifelong companion, and someone who can be trusted and counted on during difficult times. He is honest, open, affectionate, and generous.