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(The Ally)

Card of Messages

This card represents an important message that will be received regarding a union in either love or business. It also means the desire for money or enterprise in earning money. In love, the card can signify a marriage proposal. In business, a new partnership is forming which will be financially beneficial.

(The Investor)

Card of Investing

When this card appears, expect an invitation to go out. This is a card of goods news related to finances. Good luck in finances, investments, or receiving a windfall of money. For love, a fulfilling love affair, but may have opposition or disapproval from others. A beneficial relationship with money binding the partnership.

(The Confronter)

Card of Confrontation

This card represents indecision regarding money matters, success, and status. It may lead to disputes, confusion delays, and quarrels. Communication is a necessity when this card appears. Legal problems may arise involving documents.

(The Inheritor)

Card of Patience

This card represents financial responsibility, based on values. It indicates satisfaction, prosperity, and a sound foundation for building a financial portfolio, providing a good strategy is in place. An inheritance may be forthcoming. Avoid spending money on items of luxury or entertainment. In love, this card may represent 'someone is in love with you'.

(The Exchanger)

Card of Exchanges

This card indicates changes in finances. This may be a time of changing jobs or a way of doing business. Changes in morals and values may also occur. A settlement or successful resolution may be reached. There may be unexpected news regarding a business transaction.

(The Payer)

Card of Financial Responsibility

This card represents taking full responsibility for payment of financial debts, handling investments, or the need to start budgeting your finances. It may indicate an overall improvements in your finances. Help may come from family and friends in the repayment of loans. Money might be spent on a vehicle, as in purchasing or trading in a car, paying a car loan off, spending money for mechanical repairs, or troubles on a car trip.

(The Gambler)

Card of Financial Challenges

This card represents warnings about money matters, envy, or gossip. This is not a good card for financial dealings. Be careful if investing in the stock market, investing in property, gambling, or lending money. Avoid unnecessary expenditures as in purchasing luxury items or going on a shopping spree. There may be possible rumors or criticism about you.

(The Entrepreneur)

Card of Money

This card represents unexpected money coming your way or a way of making financial gains. This is a time to budget and perhaps starting a savings plan. Material success is on the horizon. This card usually indicates good luck and fortune in business.

(The Stimulus Check)

Card of Financial Spending

When this card appears, expect money to go out. This may be loss of job, a new car or repairs, a vacation, renovations to a home, an unexpected bill, owing taxes, investing, or even a cash donation to a charity. Remember, sometimes we need to spend money to stimulate it returning.

(The Money Tree)

Card of Prosperity

This is a card of financial success and is the best money card to appear. There will be financial success, especially in a business that requires travel. This is a great card to have when starting a business. Changes are occurring with financial success.

(The Messenger)

Card of Transaction

This card represents the bringer of bad or good news. It can also represent a soldier or person in uniform. This card symbolizes confusion and anxiety.

(The Gossiper)

Card of Gossip

The card represents a woman who loves to gossip. She can be very flirtatious. She is sophisticated, witty, and loves to party. She can be decisive, have good judgment, and have a strong sense of responsibility.

(The Provider)

Card of Capitalism

This card represents a successful businessman, one who runs his own business, a man in the finances, or a tycoon. He is very powerful, sharp, perceptive, and shrewd. This man is mature and distinguished, but can be very vain. He may be a military man.