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(The Homemaker)

Card of Your Home

Traditionally, this card is known as the "Home Card". This card may represent a desire for affection or love. It may represent a new relationship beginning. It may indicate good news coming from/to a family member or friend. It may also show the ending of a dispute. It may show the establishment of a home with a partner or by marriage.


(The Companion)

Card of Love and Family

Traditionally, this card places an emphasizes on home and familiar people. The card means a 'union of hearts' in relationships, with lovers, spouses, children, family, or closest friends. It may reflect the need to spend time with someone you love.


(The Player)

Card of Affection

This card may signify indecision in affection and love. There may be two or more love interests at the same time. This indecision can lead to either more fun or fear. It indicates a lack of commitment. There is a danger of someone who may be experiencing an obsessive behavior. Exercise caution when this card appears, especially in love.


(The Protector)

Card of Commitment

The card means feeling protected and secured in love, marriage, and/or family. This card is a strong indicator of commitment or marriage. The card has a positive influence for a happy family and social life. The foundation of love is strong when this card appears.


(The Separator)

Card of Separation

This card represents changes in love, family, or home. There may be a chance for a separation, break-up, or divorce. It could also represent changes to a home, such as remodeling, moving to a new location, or a family member leaving the home. It could be as simple as a trip or a family member going off to college. In relationships, there may be a need to worry over indiscretions. Also, plans may be broken during this time.



(The Negotiator)

Card of Harmony

This card represents bringing peace and harmony in everyday situations. The card indicates compromising and the willing to help others. When this card appears, a new relationship may begin. It is a time to overcome obstacles and make good progress towards goals. People may want to confide in you. Beware of untrustworthy people who may want to take advantage of your good heart.


(The Fly-by-Night)

Card of Doubt

This card represents challenges in love and relationships. A time to reflect on how others see you. A card of disappointment, usually when a partner or friend breaks promises or plans. Someone is being unreliable or undependable, which results in being let down. An inconstant friend may prove to be an enemy.


(The Socialite)

Card of Socializing

This card represents fun by attending social events or parties. It can bring about a passionate relationship or success in a business venture. You may encounter a charming or alluring person who sweeps you off your feet. In business, a celebration of a promotion. It could be some king of ceremony you will be attending. This card can give you the ability to get your way.



(The Wisher)

Card of Wishes

This card can signal the ending of a relationships. It can also represent helping others It may represent a giving of love in a selfless manner. It usually means wishing for a deepening love, perfect spouse, or the desire to have a child.

(The Partier)

Card of a Gathering

This card represents a social occasion, party, or marriage. Traditionally, it represents good news. When this card appears, expect a large gathering of people.


(The Lover)

Card of Cupid

The card represents a lover, best friend, or confidant. If the Queen of Hearts is present, it can represent a couple. This card may represent you, someone you know, or someone you will meet.


(Goddess of Love)

Card of Devotion

This card can represent a devoted mother, a pregnant woman, a passionate lover, or a romantic fantasy. This card may be an indicator of marriage.


(The Saint)

Card of Holiness

This card represents an influential man, someone who has the power or ability to do something good. It can represents a man who is a loving father, the conception or birth of a child, the perfect lover, or partner. He is very romantic and passionate. He is affectionate and emotional, but is give to rash judgments.