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Solar Calendar

The solar calendar is composed of adding the spot values of each of the regular 52 cards together. The total is 364 days. The Joker’s spot value is 1/4. The Joker’s combined value changes due to leap year. Since the Joker’s spot value of 1/4 equals to 1 day, on leap year, the spot value changes to 2/4. The Joker’s combined total is 1/4 times five. Thence, 52 cards (364), plus the Joker (1 1/4), equal 365 1/4 days. A Solar Calendar is 365 days, 5 hr, 48 min, 46 sec of mean solar time.


Solar Days

The solar value of a solar day is composed by multiplying the number of the month by 2 and adding the number of the day, then subtracting the total from 55. The card of a solar day corresponds to this solar value. Also, this formula is used to determine your Earth Card (Birth Card).

The formula is (55 - ((month x 2) + day)).

If today is June 1st,

the card for the solar day is the "Three of Spades". Formula: (55 - ((6 x 2) + 1)) = 42.

June is the 6th month of the year.

Multiply 6 by 2 for a sub-total of 12.

Add the day to the monthly sub-total (1 + 12), for a total of 13.

Subtract 13 from 55, for a final total of 42.


The solar value for 42 corresponds to the "3".

Solar Months

There are approximately 12 face cards in a regular deck of playing cards, also know as court cards. These face cards represents the 12 months.


Solar Year

The Solar Year is calculated by taking the year, dividing by 52, and returning the remainder as the solar value.


The formula is (year - (52 x (year/52))).