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The Solar Cards System 


The Solar Cards system is based on an ancient divination system using symbols and numbers to provide guidance to one’s life. In ancient times, the symbols and numbers were embedded in stones or tiles. In medieval times, the development of playing cards became a popular alternative for use with the system. This alternative has become a tradition today.


Solar Cards is based on the system published in 1893, by Olney H. Richmond. This book was published with the title of “The Mystic Test Book Or The Magic Of the Cards”.


The Solar Cards system uses a regular deck of playing cards (52 cards and the Joker), by using mathematical equations to calculate which cards represents you and your life. There are 7 planetary periods of time in one’s life and their yearly paths. The planetary periods are influenced by the sun passing through the various constellations.


A person has 3 major cards and 2 minor cards.


The Earth Card

This card represents a person’s birth and their primary life path. It is also know as the birth card.


The Astronomical Card

This card represents a person’s julian birth date and secondary life path. It uses the Julian date of one’s birth.


The Constellation Card

This card represents a person’s personality. It represents the constellation present at one’s birth. It represents your astrological sign.


The Syzygy Cards

These cards represent energy given or received. The cards immediately before and after the Earth card on the Solar Clock will determine the Syzygy cards.


The 52 cards correspond to the number of weeks in a year.

The twelve court cards correspond to the number of months in a year and the number of lunar cycles for a synodic month.


The four suits correspond to the number of seasons, the number of elements, and the average number of weeks in a month.


The thirteen cards in a suit correspond to the number of constellations the sun travels through and the number of lunar cycles for a sidereal month. 




To read a copy of the

"The Mystic Test Book",


please visit or


and Search for "Olney Richmond".


1919 The Mystic Test Book:

or the Magic of the Cards

Library of Congress BF1878 .R5 1919


Other Books by Richmond


1896 "Evolutionism"

A series of illustrated chart lectures upon the evolution of all things in the universe. From atoms to worlds, from atoms to souls.

Library of Congress QH367 .R5