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The Solar Clock

The solar clock consists of 45 cards from the 52 playing cards. The other 7 cards consists of a special group of 3 fixed and 4 semi-fixed cards. These cards are not contained in the solar clock.


The movement of the clock has 3 cycles. The Moon cycle has a counter-clockwise movement, while the Earth cycle has a clockwise movement. The Solar cycle is fixed.


Your birthday determines your Earth card for the placement on the solar clock. For year 0, the cards immediately to your right and left of your Earth card on the solar clock are your Syzygy cards. For each year that progresses, the Moon and Earth cycles by one for their respective movements. This movement reveals the Solar Energy cards for the year. 


The Fixed and Semi-Fixed Cards

The fixed cards are the K♠, J♥, and 8♣. The semi-fixed cards are the A♣, 2♥,7♦, and 9♥. The A♣ and 2♥ are interchangeable with each other. The 7 and 9♥are also interchangeable with each other. This interchange is evident when viewing the 3 Solar Energy charts (moon, solar, and earth). The fixed and semi-fixed cards do not have Syzygy cards.