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Most Compatible Cards for your Earth Card

What cards are most compatible with your Earth Card? Usually, you will feel a connection or attraction to the people whose Earth card is compatible with your Earth card. Select the card that represents your Earth Card, then click on the Compatibility button to find out.



The Direct Life Path cards represents your Moon, Venus, and Charon cards in your life path.


The Reverse Life Path cards respresents your Moon, Venus, and Charon cards going in reverse order. This means your Mercury card in the Direct Life Path is now your Moon card in the Reverse Life Path. You are the Venus card to the Earth card that represents your Venus card in Reverse.


The Indirect Life Path card represents your vertical Venus card. This is the card 2 spaces above your Earth Card. If your Earth card is in one of the top rows, go to the bottom row of the same column of your Earth card and count up.


The Solar Moon/Earth and Solar Earth/Moon cards are located on the Solar Chart. These are the cards immediately before and after your Earth card. They can also be found in the Natural Order of the Cards.