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Card Numbers

Hearts = Love and Home
Clubs = Education and Creativity
Diamonds = Money and Values
Spades = Work and Challenges
1DesireOnes have positive energy in the start of a cycle. Ones contain ambition, activity, and drive.
2UnionTwos have balance, harmony, and cooperation. Twos involve partnerships.
3IndecisionThrees are curious, imaginative, and restless. Threes are enthusiastic, and energetic.
Fours are stable, fortunate, serious, and protective. Fours are dependable.
Fives are adventurous, free spirited, versatile, and progressive thinkers.
6HarmonySixes are order, union, fairness, and cooperation.
7ChallengeSevens are wisdom, spiritual, metaphysical, and analytical.
8SuccessEights are special, powerful, successful, well-organized, and contain wealth.
Nines are an ending to a cycle. Nines are for letting-go or the need to control.
10SuccessTens are ambitious, successful, powerful, and can be obsessive.
11ZealJacks are sons, sweethearts, messengers, seekers, romantic, clever, and fun.
12DevotionQueens are mothers, sisters, daughters, and nurturers.
13DedicationKings are fathers, teachers, leaders, discipliners, and in positions of power.