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Path Cards and Periods
Besides the planetary periods for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, Earth is also influenced by other bodies in our solar system.

The cards representing the planet Venus, the Earth's moon, and Pluto's moon (Charon) are usually the most influential cards in relationships. The Earth-Moon and Pluto-Charon are known as binary systems and are sometimes refer to as double planets due to their proximity to one another. They have the strongest attraction.

The card representing the dwarf planet Haumea may be one of the most difficult cards to accept. The person whose Earth card is your Haumea card is usually here to teach or direct you in the right path. This may cause a tendency to resist their direction or advise. While the card representing the dwarf planet Makemake has the opposite reaction.

Your Life and Yearly Paths are composed of the cards listed in the table below. The Life Path is determined by your Earth card placement on the Earth chart. The Yearly Path is calculated by your age using the Solar Quadration method.


Path CardsPath MeaningsLife
Time Period
Time Period
The Moon card represents someone who has great influence with you. This may be a spouse, companion, mother, father, family member, or trusted friend. Life365 days
The Earth card represents you. This card remains the same throughout your life. Life365 days


The Mercury cards represents impulses. During this period, activities are increased, changes occur more rapidly, communication increases, and creativity is increased. When a heart card is present, the effect is increased. Success is a result of this period. 13 years52 days


The Venus cards represents love. During this period, home, family, and loved ones becomes a priority. Social and family gatherings increases. The Venus card may represent an Earth card person who influences this period. It may represent a person you know or will meet. When a heart card is present, the effect is increased. Success is a result of this period. 13 years53 days
54 days (leap)


The Mars cards represents war. During this period, aggression, passion, hostilities, inharmony, and competitiveness increases. Energy becomes heightened for business dealings and athleticism. When a club card is present, the effect is increased. 13 years52 days
The Jupiter cards represents wealth. During this period, power, money, valuables, order, and control are priorities. The positive sides of the cards are heighten, even if the cards may be challenging. When a diamond card is present, the effect is increased.13 years52 days
The Saturn cards represents inharmony. It is one of the most challenging periods. Major changes, addictions, anger, selfishness, and hardship are heightened. The result of these cards are based on Cause and Effect. It is a time for resolution. When a spade card is present, the effect is increased.13 years52 days
The Uranus cards represents labor. During this period, work, home projects, and hobbies become priorities. This period brings strange situations, unusual circumstances, and unexpected results. It is a good time to become a volunteer. The result of these cards are positive and rewarding. When a spade card is present, the effect is increased.13 years52 days
The Neptune cards represents water. During this period, recreation, traveling, water sports, and activities of leisure or retirement are increased. Dreams, fantasies, illusion, secrets, unrealistic goals, and the art of decepetion are heightened. These cards reveal hopes and fears. When a diamond card is present, the effect is increased. 13 years52 days
The Pluto card represents your challenges, desires, and goals for the period. The Pluto card is interpreted with the Charon card. Life365 days
The Charon card represents a person who will influence the result of your Pluto card. You may establish a lasting relationship with them. The Charon card is another moon card and a result of the Pluto card. Life365 days
The Haumea card represents lessons. This card may represent a teacher or someone you will learn from. You may not be fond of this person. Life365 days
The Makemake card represents the influences you will receive. This may represent a person or the lessons you learn. Life365 days
The Eris card represents the transformation and rebirth of yourself. It signifies accomplishments and reflections. Life365 days