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The Syzygy Cards
Syzygy cards represent energy given or received. Your Syzygy cards remain constant throughout your lifetime. These cards are based on the cause and effect of a person's action and deeds during their existence. They are sometimes refer to as karma cards or cards of fate.

There are two ways to reveal your Syzygy cards.

  • The first method is to view the Moon, Solar, and Earth charts. The exact placement of your Earth card on the Solar chart determines the placement of your Syzygy cards on the Moon and Earth charts. The word syzygy mean the alignment of three or more celestial bodies along a line in the same gravitational system.


  • The second method is by viewing the Solar Clock. The cards immediately before and after the Earth card on the Solar Clock will determine the Syzygy cards.


The first Syzygy card commonly receives energy from the Earth card. The second Syzygy card commonly gives energy to the Earth card. In actuality, both Syzygy cards can give or receive energy. The movement of the Solar Clock determines the energy directional flow. Energy can be either negative or positive. Negative energy represents challenges and obstacles. Positive energy represents talent, skills, and abilities.

The Syzygy cards represent different characteristics of your personality. The first card usually reflects negative qualities, while the second card usually reflects positive ones.


Recognition is common with a person whose Earth card is one of your Syzygy cards. This could be someone you instantly like or dislike.


The fixed (K♠, J♥, and 8♣ ) and semi-fixed (A♣, 2♥, 7♦, and 9♥) cards do not have Syzygy cards.





The Solar Energy Cards
These cards represent energy given or received on a yearly basis. They are very similar to the Syzygy cards. Their placement is based on the rotational cycles on the Solar Clock from the Earth card. While Syzygy cards remain constant throughout your lifetime, Solar Energy cards change on your birthday and remain constant until the next one.


Solar Energy cards also have negative and positive energies. These cards influence your environment for the year. As with Syzygy cards, the first card usually reflects the negative energy, while the second card usually reflects the positive.