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(The Transformer)

Card of Changes

Traditionally, this card is for death, rebirth, change and transformation. It means an ending, but at the same time, a new beginning. Existing problems may be resolved. A relationship may start anew. When there is one ending, a new beginning will start. This is one of the most powerful cards in the deck.

(The False Friend)

Card of Division

The card signifies the need to have others in your life. At times, the fear of being alone. There is a need for harmony, but a difficult decision will need to be made. Be diplomatic in resolving situations. Do not let the need for friendship shadow the truth.

(The Worrier)

Card of Tears

This card may represent indecision, fear and physical stress, due to work or health. Creative energies are at work when this cards appears. Typically, a frustrating situation has occur for a period of time. Be careful with words during this period. This card may also indicate troubling news.

(The Comforter)

Card of Comfort

This card represents satisfaction and stability in work and health. If an illness or work related project is being experienced, expect recovery soon. This card could be an indication to slow-down to prevent ailments or stress-related conditions. Take the time to treat yourself with something special. You deserve it!

(The Breakup Artist)

Card of Breaking Free

There will be changes to your lifestyle in the way you live. It could mean a change of job, moving to a new location, or a trip. Health may be affected when this card appears. There could be interferences from outside sources, interrupting your daily routines. There may be unexpected surprises. This card can represent a divorce or breakup.

(The Viewer)

Card of Fate

The card may represent an occurring event or events that are destined. It is a warning card about your personal and domestic life, finances, or career. There may be conflict and a lack of cooperation from others or yourself. Look within yourself to see where the problem may arise.

(The Eraser)

Card of Removal

This card represents the uncovering of a truth, a removal, or a loss of some kind. There may be a disruption among friends, quarrels with others, loss of a friendship, or an ending to a relationship. Avoid arguments with friends for now.

(The Workaholic)

Card of Work

This card represents health and work matters. Obstacles can be overcome. Opposition may be present from others. Examine relationships closely. A crossroad relating to work or friends. Plans may go awry or friends let you down. Time for a vacation.

(The Downer)

Card of Disappointment

This is a card of loss and disappointment. This is also one of the death cards. When this card shows up there will be an ending of some kind. This card indicates a forced unwelcomed change, but the change may turn out for the best.

(The Worrier)

Card of Grief

This is one of the unluckiest cards to draw. This card represents worry and grief. Health issues may appear when this card is drawn. Unwelcome news may come. It may also represent fear, especially if change is involved.

(The Trickster)

Card of Slyness

This card represents someone who is lazy or hinders progress. It can indicate betrayal or a trouble mind. This person can be very charming and witty, but sly and aloof.

(The Black Widow)

Card of Treachery

The card represents a woman who can be cruel, manipulative, malicious, or unscrupulous. She enjoys interfering with others. Try not to get in her way or her bad side. She is very resilient. She may appear to be mysterious, reserved, and extremely cautious.

(The Judge)

Card of Justice

This card represents a man of authority and leadership. He can be good for legal matters and business. He is very sharp, witty, and intelligent. He may cause problems in relationships or partnerships.