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A site for free tarot, cartomancy, destiny, and playing card readings.
This site is dedicated in providing many free online readings. 
Its use is intended for Entertainment Only!
    I have been interested in Tarot and Cartomancy readings since I was a teenager.  The cost for these readings can be expensive.  There are many sites offering free readings.  But many of the so-call free sites have a charge for a more detailed and comprehensive reading.  In the past, I have paid up to $100 US dollars for a reading.  So this site not only allows me to do my own readings for free, but it gives opportunities for others to do so. 
    In the last couple of years, I have done research on playing cards using mathematic calculations.  I find the use of playing cards for readings tend to be more accurate than traditional tarot cards.  Science can break down everything on this planet by numbers, including the human body.  So why not a person's destiny.
    I've recently updated this site with the Solar Cards System.  This system uses mathematical calculations to provide paths for a person using their birthday.  It provides yearly and weekly paths, as well as the life path.  The system is based on Olney H. Richmond's system.  Please visit the Solar Cards pages.  I've incorporated some of this system in the Cartomancy readings.
    This site has become a hobby for me.  It is a work in progress.  I've been learning different Web languages and code many of the applications on this site.  This site will become updated more frequently as my programming skills become more proficient.
     I really hope you enjoy this site!